Your partner to grow and stay in business

CFO Anytime will provide the best tailored consulting support and services as a trusted business partner.

  • We are all seasoned financial executives

  • We have systematic, tested processes

  • We apply practical and scalable approach

  • We deliver effective outputs

  • We re-enforce interdependence approach

CFO Anytime is a financial management consulting firm serving the needs of boards, CEOs, COOs and CFOs. We provide senior-level financial management and accounting services to mirco, small and mid-sized companies.

Our Value Proposition:

We have more than 50 years of corporate and consulting experience in the field of  Finance/Accounting, HR, Sales and Operations. Our consultant-engaged are professionally accredited and recognised both here and abroad. We understand your need in every aspect of your business operations as we were once implemented and executed business tactics and strategies like what you need right now.  We have wide industry exposure from Manufacturing, Distribution, Banking & Finance, Retail, Services, Business Process Outsourcing, and a lot more.

We will provide top-level strategic decision guidance, supporting executive team in driving profitability and direction of the firm; defining lucrative new business opportunities; and building internal and external team consensus.


Corporate Objectives:

1. Maintain our professional reputation by adhering to all compliance requirements; and

2. Foster the innovative environment for our people, products/services and processes with growth and stability.



Excellence - We care more than others think is wise; we risk more than others think is safe; we dream more than others think is practical; we expect more than others think is possible. We are what we repeatedly do.



Impeccable Character – We believe that the key to long-term business partnership is through open and transparent communication. WE ALWAYS welcome your honest and straight-forward feedback and we will address your concerns to your satisfaction.

Character begins with each of us, who and what we are as human beings … dedicated, professional and reliable. These values incorporate related values of unquestionable integrity, credibility, honesty and hard work. This is summed up as “doing the right thing”.


Systematic – We instill high moral qualities or ideals. We base our business decisions and conduct of our engagements on high level of acceptable practice, standards, reasoning and judgement.


Enlighten & Envisage – We ensure that in every consulting engagement we conduct, we and our clients will have a clear cut understanding of the current scenario that our client has and agree on their requirements.   Collaboratively, we envision the best state for each business unit our consulting clients have. Mutually, we (our client and us) need to convince each other as business partners that the solutions we are offering to them is the best workable and the most effective and cost-efficient options that we have to increase productivity in a sustainable level. WE leave no trace of any doubt.


Negate mediocrity and nibble challenges – Average performance takes no place in our company. We always accept demanding tasks. Together, we will challenge the status quo and surpass difficulties. It is our belief that through excellence that we will realize growth and stability.



Self-Assessment, Learn and Lead – We learn from each other. We always take pride in our conduct of business. Whenever it is applicable we also do research and undergo continuous professional and technical training to make certain the highest consulting standards and proficiency is employed for each engagement. We perform calibration during the conduct of the consultancy to serve the latest and applicable techniques and strategies available in finding solutions. We, invite professionals within our network to conduct peer review in our engagement practices. Our consultants are globally-recognized professionals and adhere to certain international professional discipline and standards.




CFO Anytime will provide the best tailored consulting support and services as a trusted business partner.



Be the most preferred Consulting Service company with our existing and prospective clients realising operational excellence within our target markets and the region where we operate


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